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Sarah Archdeacon

Corali was founded by a social service worker, Virginia Moffatt, in a Southwark day centre in 1989. Initially a casual dance group, the name Corali is made of letters from the original company members’ names. In 1991, the company received its first grant and set up independently in an office at a local community centre. Sarah Archdeacon joined the company as a volunteer in 1991 and became Artistic Director in 1992

Corali exists to make excellent and exciting live performances and film. Our practice is rooted in collaboration; we explore the relationship between dancers who identify as learning-disabled and those who do not; between dance and other art forms; and between professional and participatory artwork. Recent work includes an international tour of our family show Super Hot Hot Dog, performing with Thick & Tight at the International Mime festival, and winning the Pick the Fest award at the Oska Bright film festival 2022.

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