For practical advice when setting up your own dance project in a museum or heritage site

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A dancer performs in Grace Nicol and Sinead O’Dwyer's performance work 'Slip Mould Slippery'. The photo is by Mario Bertieri and shows Becky Namguards crouched forward, moving slowly on a white floor, with long hair falling across her face and an audience looking on at a distance behind her.

Practical guidance

Public Dance Pack

Grace Nicol and Collaborators

Grace Nicol and collaborators were supported to launch a free interactive Public Dance Pack that considers how to support challenging and risk-taking work within the contexts of galleries and museums. The pack includes contributions from collaborative artists and explores the cultural, practical and socio-political relationship dynamics between audience, artists and venues.

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3 dancers perform in Lucy Suggate's work 'Spirit Compass' at Turner Contemporary; Dance artists: Stephanie McMann, Isabella Oberländer, Claricia Parinussa, Rowdy SS, Lucy Suggate; Credit: Stuart Leech

Practical guidance

Spirit Wisdom: Lessons in best practice for presenting dance in galleries

Lauren A Wright, Programme Director, Siobhan Davies Dance

Reflections on Lucy Suggate's 'Spirit Compass', the first new dance work for galleries commissioned by the CONTINUOUS Network (www.continuousdance.com), which premiered in October 2019. Image from Spirit Compass by Lucy Suggate; photo Stuart Leech

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Two people dance together

Participation resources

A manifesto for museum learning and engagement

Museums Association

This manifesto (written by David Anderson, director-general, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Dhikshana Pering, head of engagement and skills, Somerset House and Sharon Heal, director of the Museums Association) has been built on two years of research, engagement and consultation with those that work in and with museums. It provides a framework for all museums, whatever their history, scale, funding or model of governance, to reflect on their purpose and develop their practice.

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Catherine Wood lecture at Tate Modern, crowd shot by Louise Schiefer


Why Dance in A Museum? How Art Became Active


The first in a series of 5 ‘TateShots’ presented by art historian Jacky Klein, exploring five different ways in which performance is found inside, and sometimes outside museums and galleries. Picture by Louise Schiefer.

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Dancers perform in a gallery


Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings (2018-2021)

Including artists and staff from dance organisations, museums and universities from 7 countries; co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Dancing Museums is an action-research project designed to foster and sustain long-term collaborations between dance organisations, museums, universities and local communities in order to develop inspiring and long-lasting arts and cultural programmes that people in those communities want to get involved in.

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Change in attitudes artwork at Nunnington Hall by Layla Khoo

Participation resources

Trust New Art

National Trust

Celebrating its 10th anniversary year in 2019, the National Trust's 'Trust New Art' programme includes visual arts, crafts, architecture, performance, writing and immersive installations. Working with artists to create new work inspired by the spirit of National Trust sites and properties. Picture National Trust, Anthony Chappel-Ross