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Richard Swinscoe

Hi, I’m Rich and I work as a Cultural Heritage Curator for the National Trust. Passionate about arts and our shared heritage I support The Imagination Museum network by championing the role contemporary practitioners and creatives have in telling stories and bringing new depth to our places. The arts, in all their forms, are entwined with the cultural history of the places we care for, visit and live in. I believe that in order for these places and spaces to mean something we need to connect them to our time and this network seeks to do exactly that. The arts, particularly dance, can enrich and enliven historic spaces in a way that resonates with so many different audiences and in a truly intimate and inclusive way.

As a National Trust Curator I work with a huge range of special places, seeking to understand and share significance and inspire curiosity. One way of doing this is by fostering and supporting new perspectives, allowing new voices and new ways of experiencing them to flourish. This dance network is a powerful way of doing this and something I’m proud to support.

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