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Carrie Washington

Carrie Washington is Director of BEEE Creative CIO, a small arts charity working across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  Within her role, Carrie is responsible for strategic direction, fundraising, business management, artistic direction and consultancy.  Since 2016, she has been managing dance and cross-arts projects in museums on behalf of BEEE Creative including Museums in Motion, Exhibit 2020 and currently Perform Transform.  These projects engage local intergenerational community groups in dance, heritage, arts and digital projects that lead to installations in the museums.

Carrie is a professionally trained dancer (English National Ballet School, Middlesex University and University of Bedfordshire) and she has worked for twenty-six years in the dance sector, including dance teaching and management roles (Rambert Dance Company, dancedigital) and is also a visiting lecturer at Middlesex University.

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