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Celebrating International Museum Day 2023!

This year’s International Museum Day (IMD) seemed like an ideal moment to give you a quick update, and to celebrate The Imagination Museum as a resource bringing together dance and heritage practice to make new and exciting things happen in museums, heritage sites, galleries and archives.

The theme for this year’s IMD is sustainability and wellbeing, and our research has shown the ways in which dancing in museums can:

  • open up history
  • create community
  • empower people and build confidence
  • tell stories – including those which haven’t been told before
  • connect with people

Find out more about what dance/heritage can do, by reading the evaluation from a Strategic Touring project we carried out from 2018-2021:

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400

Read our strategic touring report

or browsing our selection of Case Studies:

The Imagination Museum Case Studies

Case Studies

A quick update

We’ve been quiet recently while we beaver away behind the scenes trying to pin down the funding we need to sustain and develop the Imagination Museum network. We’re lucky to be doing this with an Executive Committee of brilliant individuals from across dance and heritage, and partner organisations from across the country.

Once we’ve secured our funding, we plan – amongst other things – to start scheduling Imagination Museum meet-ups again, online and in-person, and will work towards a new strand for our programme – co-commissioning dance artists to work with partner museums and heritage sites.

Until we secure that funding, our socials and mailing list will continue to be quieter than usual. However, as many of you have been doing, please: 

  • get in touch ( if you have any questions, opportunities you would like to share, or if you need a bit of help linking with a dance artist, or with a museum, or guidance on potential next steps for your dance/heritage project. We are happy to provide advice where we can.
  • take a look at the great range of Case Studies and Resource we have on our website
  • watch videos from a selection of our Case Studies via our YouTube channel
  • follow us on social media on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

We hope to be in touch again soon, best wishes to all!

Banner Image:

The Elsewhen Series by Leah Marojević and Theo Clinkard; photographer Roswitha Chesher

Credits for Case Study Snapshot video:

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400, Made By Katie Green; photographer Roswitha Chesher

Beneath the Waves, Chris Pavia; photographer Callum Graham-Robertson

Who is the land; Bethan Peters and Stacie Lee Bennett Worth; photographer Sian Peters

Dancing The Portico; Tony Adigun; Avant Garde Dance

Shifting Beneath; Bethan Peters; photographer Stacie Lee Bennett Worth

High Tide | Low Tide; Bethan Peters and Stacie Lee Bennett Worth; photographer Stacie Lee Bennett Worth

Cotton, About Time Dance Company; photographer Andy Ford

And They Have Escaped; NOCTURN; photographer Savannah Photographic

Longways and Crosswise, About Time Dance Company; image by About Time Dance Company

Glitch/Giselle by Glitch Projects

Leytonstone TrailblazARS, Pell Ensemble; photographer Alice Underwood

The Dancestry Project, Born and Bred Dance Theatre; photographer Olivia Peers

Dancing To Art; Corali Dance Company; image from Corali Dance Company

Museums in Motion (Royston, Stevenage, Watford 2016) ; project and image from BEEE Creative

Clay Walks, Suzie West; image from SpinDrift Dance Collective

The Curious Tea Party at the Horniman Museum; image Trinity Laban

Museums in Motion (Luton 2021); BEEE Creative and makeAMPLIFY; photographer Stewart Baxter

The Great Thames Disaster; Daisy Farris Dance Collective; photography Gigi Giannella Photography

ILA Project; photograph and project by Dancing Strong Movement Lab

Beneath Our Feet; Made By Katie Green; photographer Owen Benson

The Elsewhen Series by Leah Marojević and Theo Clinkard; photographer Hydar Dewachi

Get Dancing Project; project commissioned by Showtown, LeftCoast and produced by House of Wingz, film still from film by Wash Studio

And In The Soil There Be Mirrors; project and photography by Hollie Miller and Sam Williams

Black Victorians; Jeanefer Jean Charles; photographer Ash Mills

SALT by Martin Hylton; photograph Martin Hylton/Arts&Heritage

Performed exhibition at Bristol Museum by Lea Anderson; photograph Dan Martin

Silence Between Waves by Richard Chappell; photograph Jim Wileman

The Wavering Light, Made By Katie Green; photography Josh Thompson

Cinderella: A Museum Adventure by New Adventures; photography Alicia Clarke

Lowestoft Dance Map, Glass House Dance; photographer Charlie Ketchen

Disgo Distaw Owain Glyndwr Silent Disco, images and project by Light Ladd Emberton

(Re)Make by Sara Wookey and Camilla Robinson; photographer Roswitha Chesher

Etudes by Shobana Jeyasingh; image from Shobana Jeyasingh Dance

It begins in darkness, project and image from Seke Chimutengwende

Untitled (The Gallery Project) by Casson and Friends; photographer Alisa Boanta

The Elsewhen Series by Leah Marojević and Theo Clinkard; photographer Roswitha Chesher

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