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The Elsewhen Series – Theo Clinkard and Leah Marojević

9th March 2019

Modern day romantics, period dramas, projecting the present, practicing elsewhere and elsewhen, a series of daydreams and escapisms into alternatives via nature and her animals

Across five duet scores, Theo and Leah continue the work of the Romantics by embodying their values to soften the industrial, question productivity and physically defend the dream space. Conceived to be stumbled upon by audiences in unconventional spaces, these strikingly designed duets bring the spontaneous wanderings and powerful yearnings of the heart and mind into the visible realm through duration, repetition and the naive belief that the body doesn’t have to be here, it can be elsewhen.

Supported by Wainsgate Dances, Dance Research Studio, The Place and Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme

Co-authored, co-produced and performed by Leah Marojević and Theo Clinkard
Footage by Roswitha Chesher
Edited by Leah Marojević

Theo Clinkard

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Leah Marojevic

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