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Current Imagination Museum project - Mayflower 400

'The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 project' will be presented across at least 20 heritage sites, museums, schools, churches and community centres from 2019 - 2020. It will travel from Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire to Hampshire and then on to Plymouth, following the journey taken by many of the passengers who sailed on the Mayflower from England to America in September 1620.

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15th February 2020

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400

Westbury Manor Museum, Fareham

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8th March 2020

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400

Aldershot Military Museum

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4th April 2020

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400

Red House Museum and Gardens

Other Projects

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10th February 2020

The Wavering Light

BASTIAN Gallery, London

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16th - 22nd November 2020

Kids in Museums: Takeover Day Festival

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