For practical advice when setting up your own dance project in a museum or heritage site

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A dancer performs in Grace Nicol and Sinead O’Dwyer's performance work 'Slip Mould Slippery'. The photo is by Mario Bertieri and shows Becky Namguards crouched forward, moving slowly on a white floor, with long hair falling across her face and an audience looking on at a distance behind her.

Practical guidance

Public Dance Pack

Grace Nicol and Collaborators

Grace Nicol and collaborators were supported to launch a free interactive Public Dance Pack that considers how to support challenging and risk-taking work within the contexts of galleries and museums. The pack includes contributions from collaborative artists and explores the cultural, practical and socio-political relationship dynamics between audience, artists and venues.

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3 dancers perform in Lucy Suggate's work 'Spirit Compass' at Turner Contemporary; Dance artists: Stephanie McMann, Isabella Oberländer, Claricia Parinussa, Rowdy SS, Lucy Suggate; Credit: Stuart Leech

Practical guidance

Spirit Wisdom: Lessons in best practice for presenting dance in galleries

Lauren A Wright, Programme Director, Siobhan Davies Dance

Reflections on Lucy Suggate's 'Spirit Compass', the first new dance work for galleries commissioned by the CONTINUOUS Network (www.continuousdance.com), which premiered in October 2019. Image from Spirit Compass by Lucy Suggate; photo Stuart Leech

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Tania Bruguera's 'Tatlin’s Whisper #5' 2008

Practical guidance

The Live List: What to Consider When Collecting Live Works

Pip Laurenson, Christiane Berndes, Hendrik Folkerts, Diana Franssen, Adrian Glew, Panda de Haan, Ysbrand Hummelen, Andrea Lissoni, Isabella Maidment, Angela Matyssek, Kate Parsons, Capucine Perrot, Vivian van Saaze, Tatja Scholte, Patricia Smithen, Sanneke Stigter, Paulien ‘t Hoen, Renée van de Vall and Gaby Wijers

A set of prompts to consider when bringing a live work into a collection. The text was jointly authored by the participants in the final meeting of the research network Collecting the Performative, which examined emerging models for the conservation and documentation of artists’ performance and drew upon the practices of dance, theatre and activism in order to identify parallels in the concept of a work and related notions of authorship, authenticity, autonomy, documentation, memory, continuity and liveness.