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Images of dancers in a gallery - work by Rosemary Butcher

Dance4: ‘Landings’, Imprints’, ‘Traces’ – Dance in the Gallery after Rosemary Butcher

Join Stefanie Sachsenmaier (Middlesex University) in conversation with Andrea Niederbuchner (dance curator and producer) and Sam Williams (artist) to explore the particular affinities that gallery spaces offer dance in contemporary times - 18th March 2021

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Grace Nicol and Sinead O’Dwyer, Slip Mould Slippery, image by Mario Bertieri of Becky Namguards

Dance4: Public Dance - Performance for Galleries, Museums and Other Public Spaces

Join choreographer Grace Nicol and collaborators for a talk and launch of a free interactive Public Dance Pack that considers how to support challenging and risk-taking work within the contexts of galleries and museums - 25th March 2021.

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Image of Newstead Abbey created by Eleanor Sikorski

Dancing Museums II - Haunting Newstead Abbey

As part of the Dancing Museums II upcoming digital workshop week titled, 'Acts of Social and Political Change: New Voices' hosted by the UK partners, artist Eleanor Sikorski has curated an artist panel with mayfield brooks, Mary Pearson, Seke Chimutengwende with panel facilitation by Season Butler - 9th March 2021.