A woman holds up her phone to film 3 dancers who are performing a danced tour of a museum. We see the camera in the foreground and the dancers are blurry in the background.

Be part of our #DanceMuseumsMarathon!


What is it?

On 19th June this year, the Museum Week theme is dance.

Museum Week is an annual international online campaign promoting the brilliant work of museums, galleries, archives, libraries and other cultural organisations and this theme presents the perfect opportunity for us to get involved.

What we’re planning

On the 19th June, we’re hoping to share up to 2 dance/heritage films per hour for 12 hours between 10am and 10pm. This scheduled release of Case Study film content will take place on The Imagination Museum Facebook and a new Imagination Museum YouTube Channel, and will be signposted via linked posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Where it’s not possible for us to have access to the original films we could potentially share links to where the films are hosted on your own sites as part of this event.

Why are we doing this?

Our mini-marathon on the 19th June and the linked activity we’ll do before/after that date will align with the awareness-raising we’re doing in preparation for making a funding application to support the ongoing work of The Imagination Museum as a professional network that:

  • Advocates for the benefits of working with dance and movement in museums and heritage sites
  • Develops best practice through provision of resources, training, networking/workshop opportunities and a chance to talk through ideas with someone
  • Supports collaboration, including through a supported co-commissioning process in the future

You can read more about our plans for the future here.

What’s in it for you?

If you’re willing, we would love to share a film of your work as part of this event.

This would represent a free opportunity to be part of a growing dance/heritage community and to raise awareness about your work, potentially with a new audience including more heritage partners. We’re well connected with hundreds of museums and heritage organisations and are beginning to galvanise that network towards thinking about more opportunities to commission dance in the future – if we’re successful in receiving funding, we will be actively co-commissioning dance in museums and heritage sites within the next 2 years.

What do we need?

Please note that we are setting up this event while we are not in receipt of funding, and this means that we are not able to offer fees to participants. We want to keep it as easy as possible for you to take part (and similarly, to keep it as straightforward as possible for us to manage) in return for what we hope will be increased awareness about the work you do in response to heritage contexts, stories, spaces and places. Therefore, we’re asking for a few simple things, but completely understand if you are unable to participate without a fee.

Your permission

The simplest way for you to take part is to just let us know that we have your permission to share the video that we already list as a Case Study on our website (or it may be that your work isn’t listed on our website yet, but we intend to do so when we redevelop the site). In order to do this, it would be helpful if you could send us the original video file. Where it’s not possible for us to have access to the original films we could potentially share links to where the films are hosted on your own sites, so just let us know about this.

Alternatively, you could share with us any other videos of your dance/heritage work that we don’t already know about, or you could even edit a video showcasing all of the work you’ve done with dance/movement in these kinds of contexts.

We will also link to the Case Study on our site/your own project page when sharing your video and can give some additional detail in our posts. We can lift this detail from information we already have, but it would be helpful if you could help us to describe the piece on social media, by sending:

  • Title of the piece/project
  • Date of piece/project
  • An image from the project
  • Name of dance company/choreographer and any credits for creative collaborators and funders
  • Short video/image description
  • Any links to your own socials, or social media links for funders/partners you would like us to acknowledge when sharing the work


Please email katie@madebykatiegreen.co.uk and cc Lucy White on lucywhitearts@gmail.com by the 6th June at 5pm to:

  • indicate your willingness for us to include you in our schedule for the 19th June
  • share with us any video, credits or other assets.

As we are setting up this event this year without funding, we won’t have the capacity to do any chasing up, so please make sure you let us know by the 6th June deadline or we won’t be able to include you. You will of course still be listed as an important part of the Imagination Museum site either way, or - if you’re not there already - will be added to our existing Case Studies when we have an opportunity to do so. If we’re successful in receiving funding later this year we’ll be sharing the Imagination Museum Case Studies much more prominently on the site when it is redeveloped.

Optional extra introduction

If you would like to, you would be welcome to record a short introduction to your film specifically for this event – this is entirely optional – or even to set a task #InspiredBy the content of your film.

If you’d like to do that, please feel free to record the video via your phone or tablet, or other camera depending on what you have available.

Please film this in landscape format, and make sure we can see and hear you on the video.

Short and sweet is better – please aim for something around 30 seconds to 1 minute long.

Help us to share…

Please share the dance/heritage resources released throughout the day on the 19th June – follow us at:

in order to see the content as it is released and spread the word with your networks.

If the event is successful, we hope to be able to host similar events in the future, with more live elements.


Finally, it would also be really helpful to us, if you haven’t already, if you could complete the following anonymous survey: https://forms.gle/Lo8QoPP59eugjhVd6

This allows us to find out more about the people with whom we’re already engaging, in order to help us identify any gaps in representation that we need to work on when we’re hopefully in receipt of funding.

Once again, the deadline for receiving any of your additional content would be the 6th June at 5pm. Please send across to katie@madebykatiegreen.co.uk and cc Lucy White on lucywhitearts@gmail.com or use a file sharing site such as WeTransfer if you’re sending larger files.

Any questions, let us know by emailing katie@madebykatiegreen.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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