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London Transport Museum explores the heritage of London and its transport system, and the stories of the people who have travelled and worked in the city over the last 200 years.

The Family team is currently undergoing an experimental and ambitious review of its annual programme, trialling a range of museum missions which are designed to provide immersive, self-guided themed experiences to explore the museum, programming large scale festivals and interactive experiences during selected holidays and developing a charged for offer in addition to our high-quality free programme.


The Festival of Curiosity will provide an innovative and experimental, skills-based STEAM programme, designed to stimulate questions and active inquiries and encourage families to look closer, all inspired by the museum’s collection. Partnerships with creative companies, industry partners and creative practitioners, will ensure a rich programme of thoughtful activities and events.

Programming possibilities

We are encouraging all partners to think outside the box for programming ideas; we want this event to surprise and stimulate and develop activities which involve a range of STEAM engagement techniques. Tinkering and experimentation activities are encouraged as well as a range of arts, drama, spoken word, storytelling and music. Activities that can take place in a range spaces including galleries, learning spaces and lecture theatres and outside in the Piazza should be considered.

To encourage families to look closer and develop a deeper understanding or interest about a topic, we would like each activity to be underpinned by a question like ‘Have you ever wondered how/why?’ This will support us to develop a focused programme for the festival and encourage families to return to the central themes of curiosity and questioning.


  • Develop problem solving, critical thinking, team working and communication skills
  • Increase curiosity to get involved and ask questions
  • To learn, share skills and communicate with others
  • To develop a clearer understanding of how these skills have a relevance and a presence across STEAM areas
  • To explore  skill-based activities in a way that is surprising, fun, stimulating and  relatable

Commissioning brief

We are currently looking to work in collaboration with creative practitioners to develop the content for the Festival of Curiosity. Skills-based working will be the principle focus and central hook of this event, so practitioners are encouraged to seek inspiration from across all aspects of the museum and its collection when developing ideas. The event will offer activities suitable for a range of ages, but in particular we will be focusing on developing bespoke activities for 7-12 year olds.

Ideally, we would like to commission activities to run over the full 9 days of the festival to provide a consistent programme for families and would like some activities, particularly performances to be available over the whole event. With this in mind however, we can be flexible around availability and will accept proposals that span part of the 9-day run.

The Learning Team has a consistent payment policy for freelancers, offering £200 for planning days and the same amount for delivery.


If you would be interested in submitting ideas for the Festival of Curiosity, please send a CV, a summary of your ideas and details of your availability by Friday 14 February to Stephanie-O’Neil Winbow, Family Learning Officer: Stephanie.ONeill@ltmuseum.co.uk .

Full Festival of Curiosity Commission Brief

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Lucy Suggate at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Dancing Museums partnership, 2015


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