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Callout for stories about the important journeys you have made - October 2019


Get involved in our 'Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 project' in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire:

Following on from some initial conversations we've had with community members in Gainsborough and Retford during our first phase of touring (read more about our Gainsborough performances here), we're looking for individuals/groups in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire who may be happy to share stories about great journeys they have taken in their lives as part of our 'Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 project'. These stories would be recorded, with your permission, and sections would be integrated into Max Perryment's original soundscore as part of our 'Celebration Performances' taking place in November 2019. 

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When we say 'great journeys', these do not have to be of the order of magnitude of the 66 days at sea the Mayflower passengers spent travelling from Plymouth in the UK to America in 1620. 'Great journeys', transitions, rites of passage, adventures, significant times in your lives when you had to make a change, moving house, changing jobs, beginning again...we realise that even the smallest journey can be momentus.

We'll ask you about your journey/s, your motivations for going, what you took with you, what you had to leave behind and how this made you feel. What happened afterwards? 

We would, with your permission, record your story (this could happen individually or in small groups). We would like to integrate sections of your and other stories collected from across the 3 Hubs in which we're working for the Imagination Museum project - the Pilgrim Roots Hub (Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire), Hampshire and Plymouth - and we are also seeking other ways to share fuller versions of the stories, maybe also as part of our Celebration Performance events at the end of our work in each Hub, or as part of an online collection.

THE IMAGINATION MUSEUM Retford 2019  Photo  Roswitha Chesher,  LR  190


We need to conduct interviews in our first Hub at point after the 28th October, and before the 22nd November. Some possible dates when the sessions could take place are:

6th November (afternoon), 20th November, 21st November

but we would be open to discussion about when this could happen, depending on your availability.

We would ideally need up to an hour of your time.


Subject to all our availability matching up, we would either come to you or your group at their regular meeting place (it just has to be a place where we can capture a high quality recording of your story, so minimal background noise please) or we could make arrangements for a venue local to you. Just tell us where you are based when you make contact.


Interviews would be conducted by Imagination Museum Artistic Director Katie Green and Composer Max Perryment. Visit our 'About' page to find out more about us.

For this first callout, participants must be based in the Pilgrim Roots Hub, so Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire. We are looking to work with at least 2 people for this part of our project.

THE IMAGINATION MUSEUM Retford 2019  Photo  Roswitha Chesher,  LR  14

What happens next?

As described above, we would aim to integrate extracts from the recording into the soundscore for our community Celebration Performances taking place in Retford on the 26th November and Gainsborough on the 28th November (more details to follow). You would of course be our guest for one of these performances.

The work would then go on to tour in Hampshire and Plymouth and, with your permission, we would take your voice recordings with us and add more from the new communities in which we will be working. A final celebration performance in October 2020 in Plymouth will bring this part of the project to the end, and we hope by this point the work will have accumulated so that it contains a flavour of all the places we have been and people with whom we've collaborated.

THE IMAGINATION MUSEUM Retford 2019  Photo  Roswitha Chesher,  LR  256


Please do contact Katie Green on katie@imaginationmuseum.co.uk (ideally by the end of October 2019) if you would be able to contribute some of your time to talk to us, letting us know where you're based and your availability and we can take it from there!

Thank you.

THE IMAGINATION MUSEUM Retford 2019  Photo  Roswitha Chesher,  LR  242

Photographs throughout taken by Roswitha Chesher and Steve Hatton at Bassetlaw Museum and Gainsborough United Reformed Church; dancers Sarah Blanc, Megan Griffiths, Lucy Starkey.

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 project is produced by Made By Katie Green , supported financially using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England as part of the Strategic Touring programme, Hampshire Cultural Trust, The Box, West Lindsey, Plymouth, Nottinghamshire and Bassetlaw District Councils (including a contribution of Divisional Funding from Cllr Mike Quigley MBE and Cllr Susan Shaw) and the Surf the Wave programme, and also delivered in partnership with the Pilgrim Roots Regional Partnership, Transported, The Point, Plymouth Dance and Plymouth Culture.

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