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Image of young dancer at Watford Museum
Case Studies

Museums in Motion - Royston, Stevenage and Watford Museums

Museums in Motion was a series of community dance and technology participation projects working with three groups of young people aged 4 – 18 years old and their families. Each museum had a three-day creative process resulting in an audio-visual installation at the museum for 8 weeks that was also available online.

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A picture of dancer Jen Ward from Born and Bred Dance Theatre collaborating with school children
Consortium News

What might a strong collaborative process look like which supports innovative, engaging artistic interpretation of museum artefacts?

Participants at our October 2020 Imagination Museum consortium event suggested some of the practical steps dance and heritage organisations could take to support a ‘strong collaborative process’.

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Young dancers performing in The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 in Retford in November 2019
Consortium News

What are the challenges faced by dancers and museums in trying to work collaboratively?

A review of our Imagination Museum Consortium discussion in October 2020, outlining some key challenges for dance and heritage organisations wishing to collaborate.

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Note-taking during discussion at The Imagination Museum Consortium event in May 2019
Consortium News

How can dance contribute to the role of museums as places of critical thinking?

The following three blog posts summarise discussion from our Imagination Museum Consortium (TIMC) event in October 2020.

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Three dancers perform The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 in Southampton, photo by Owen Benson
Consortium News

The Imagination Museum Consortium October 2020 - where are we now?

Katie Green reflects on our fourth Imagination Museum Consortium event.

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Image from the Playful Places project

Messing Around in Museums - workshop 1st December 2020

Messing around in Museums is delighted to offer an inspiring and practical session focused on Playeum, Singapore, with a presentation led by Anna Salaman, Playeum's former Executive Director. 10.30-12noon on the 1st December 2020.